Your Christmas Rabbit

Merry Christmas!!!

This Christmas, make sure you don’t forget about your rabbit! (Or any pet!)

Christmas is a busy time where your routine completely changes, theres a lot of people around and the weather is HEATING UP.

Your rabbit and the weather

Hows the weather?
Oh the sun is out in force today! Where’s your bunny?
Hopefully indoors or under the shade with plenty of food and water!

Check out how heat can affect your bunny here:

Your rabbit and the new people

Rabbits are creatures of habit, and a prey species. They get stressed easily! Make sure you give your bunny plenty of space and make sure if you are handling your bunny they are handling with care! Stressed bunnies can stop eating, get gut stasis and more…

Your rabbit and the Christmas foods

Rabbits like hay okay? Not mince pies, not christmas pudding or christmas cake, or any roast. Though some roast vegies are okay !

Hop to and enjoy the holidays!!!
From Tristram at Exotics Vets

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