COVID-19 – No Evidence of Domestic Animal to Human Transmission

There is no evidence currently of transmission from ferrets, cats or dogs, into humans.

Chances are you’ve seen the recent correspondence from the Australian Veterinary Association. But if not, here’s the gist:

Experimental inoculation of ferrets and cats with SARS-COV2 demonstrated that the virus can replicate and survive in the respiratory tract of ferrets and cats. The virus was found in other organs and tissues in ferrets, but not cats.

Innoculated cats can also spread the virus via an airbourne route to nearby cats.


  • SARS-COV2 can survive and replicate in the respiratory tract of ferrets and cats
  • Ferrets are very susceptible, Cats less susceptible
  • Cats can transmit the virus via the airbourne route to other cats
  • No evidence of ferret and cat to human transmission.




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