COVID-19 in the veterinary clinic

Keep yourself and clinic safe with these tips and resources to help reduce your exposure to COVID-19 and keep yourself and your clinic safe.

Potential clinic and client protocols to keep you safe;

  • Limit owners entering the consult to one (or as few as required)
  • PPE where appropriate can be worn – ie masks if you have them!
  • Don’t shake hands! Avoid the social pressure! I’ve found holding something in your right hand – ie a stethoscope helps avoid any awkward hand shake attempts.
  • Frequent – two – three times daily cleaning of surfaces and door handles in the clinic.
  • Establish health status of client prior to entering the clinic – if cold or flu like symptoms are present, or if they have a history of overseas travel – request a proxy brings in the patient.
  • Carpark admits or consultations can be used to minimise interactions between clients and staff, in addition to minimising people in the waiting room.
  • Clients could be instructed to call from their car on arrival, and wait for the veterinarian to bring them straight into the consult room. This reduces people in the waiting room.
  • Frequent hand washing and sanitation is a must!

Keep yourself informed and safe – great resources include:


Victorian Vet Board –


Stay Safe Exotics Vets!

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