Bunny Bonding

If you are bonding two new rabbits, or are advising a client to bond two rabbits, the best advice is:

Patience young grasshopper!

A successful bunny bonding experience requires;

  • Desexing your bunnies prior to their introduction – hormones make all bonding pair combinations (ie male/male, female/female, and of course male/female) more difficult. You could up with many baby bunnies, or fighting.
  • Prepare a neutral area – rabbits are territorial and introducing a new bunny into a pre-established home is going to increase the likelihood of problems in a bonding experience.

How would you like it if a stranger turned up in your home, was immediately sharing your bed 24/7 and eating your food? Chances are you wouldn’t enjoy this too much.

  • Gradual introduction to living together by having 15-20 sessions daily to allow them to interact.

This allows your rabbits to get to know each other, test the boundaries of the relationship and develop their new bond.

RSPCA UK Bunny Bonding
Reference- RSPCA UK – https://www.rspca.org.uk/adviceandwelfare/pets/rabbits/company/bonding

This infographic from the RSPCA UK has some great recommendations, including neutering rabbits first.


  • Neuter and prepare house side by side with barrier.
  • Prepare neutral area – and observe for positive or negative behaviours.
  • Introduce into side by side housing – with barrier in place.
  • Then keep together for small periods of time – returning to housing until proven over 1-2 hours together that they will behave.

Hop to it!


  • How should you introduce Rabbits? RSPCA UK.


  • Bonding Rabbits. House Rabbit Society.


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