Ferret Antibiotics

In the mental, emotional and perhaps physical journey of administering antibiotics to ferrets, one may fear that like rabbits and guinea pigs there a huge list of antibiotics to avoid in ferrets. (Think gut dysbiosis and death in rabbits)

But there isn’t.

So you can breathe easy!

If rabbits are small horses, ferrets are small cats.

Or equal sized, more wriggly, often more willing to nibble/bite cats.

Safe off-label usage of antibiotics, matched with dosages and prudent use (only when needed) is the tricky part. As is GIVING the medication to a potentially unwilling, wriggling ferret. Which as vets, you’re familiar with.

If you’re unfamiliar with how to handle ferrets – check that out here:
Ferret Handling

If you feel invulnerable and think you don’t need to read the about handling article, read this:
Ferret Handling Take 2

Onto the antibiotics!

Your same options apply as for cats and dogs –

Beta lactams – Penicillin / Amoxyclav




Tetracyclines – Doxycycline is under reported for use in ferrets, so if the experts aren’t using it. Stay away! Oxytetracycline is an option however.

Macrolides – Erythromycin

Aminoglycosides – Gentamycin

Nitromidazole – Metronidazole

Lincosamides – Clindamycin

And don’t forget the exotics favourite drug – Fluoroquinolones – home of Enrofloxacin!

When you safely know how to use these antibiotics you’re safe as houses. For doses click here: Antibiotics with Doses!

If you don’t have the password please email us at exoticsvets@gmail.com, if you a vet/vet nurse/ vet student only!

Hop to it!


BSAVA Small Animal Formulary 8th edition. BSAVA.

Hillyer, Quesenberry. Ferrets, Rabbits and Rodents – Clinical Medicine and Surgery. Sanders. 1997

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