Ferret Handling

When handling your ferret, use the gentlest hold that you can, whilst controlling your ferret for examination. This will help you avoid any nasty bites and annoyed ferret companions.

If your ferret is  really wriggling or biting, scruffing the skin on the back of the neck can be useful to calm and reduce the firmness of your restraint.

Use slow deliberate movements, and never lift a ferret by the tail!
You can hold your ferret up with one hand cupping under the chest, and one hand supporting the hind limbs.

light hold

You can securely hold a ferret on a table or flat surface by using one hand over the back and neck, securing the neck between your index and middle fingers, and the chest with your thumb and remaining fingers.

thorax hold

Time is your friend, ferrets are friendly and curious. Give your ferret time to acclimatize to the space, and feel free to distract your ferret with a liquid diet like nutrigel whilst handling to reduce wiggling.

Keep calm and handle ferrets!


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