Chicken Handling

When examining a chicken, eventually you or the chickens’ carer will need to hold them. Your backyard chickens may vary exposure to handling. From none, to beloved pet that the kids carry around all the time. This changes the stress levels (for you, the chicken and the carer) and the level of control you may have whilst examining the chicken.

When you need to hold a chook, or advise someone how, the easiest way is to go for the wine glass hold.

chicken holding

Slide your hand from the front to the rear of the chicken, resting the chickens’ breast in your palm.
Hold each leg between two fingers and voila.

You have a chicken in a well controlled position. Head toward your armpit, chickens rear pointing away, preventing any…accidents.
This leaves on hand free to help hold the outward facing wing, or examine your chook.
Move slow, be calm, allow the chicken to be comfortable.


You can also hold a chicken by placing one hand over each wing, approaching from behind – but this is much less secure for the chicken, and gives you much less control. Be careful, be respectful and handle with care!

Keep it simple chickens!

Roberts, V. VicVet. Chicken Husbandry: Handling.

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