Exotics Vets

Hi Exotics Vets,

In case you missed it. My name is Tristram Finn and I am the veterinarian behind the posts of exotics vets. I graduated from the University of Melbourne in 2015, and enjoy working with all animals, clearly I have developed an interest in exotics, especially rabbits and guinea pigs!!!

Finding information on how to best treat exotic pets can be tricky, thats why I started Exotics Vets. Exotics Vets is my way of helping you, the reader, to develop and reinforce your exotics knowledge, without digging through hundreds of textbooks, conference proceedings, word of mouth, studies and websites. And most importantly – not freaking out when you see a rabbit is coming in for a consult!

Please check out the website, follow me on facebook and enjoy Exotics Vets!


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