Great Exotics Resources

This week im trying a slightly different article, this one will be quite short.

These few resources that are definitely worth a look (and your time) if you are trying to master your knowledge!

  1. Morris TH. Antibiotic therapeutics in laborotory animals. Lab Anim 1995 29,16-36.

 This article provides the basis for a lot of rabbit antibiotic knowledge and is commonly referenced everywhere! But first check out our antibiotics article here

2.  Melbourne Rabbit Clinic 2018 Rabbit Clinical Manual. Mrc. 2018

This is a great all rounded rabbit manual for your gp clinic needs. Its an amazing resource so check it out!

3. Powers, L. Avian neurological exam. Aavac-upav conference 2018.

As i keep saying, its a real gem!!! Check out our summary here

Bird neuro

Happy Hop-idays!

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