Pancreatic insulinomas in Ferrets

Day 1 of the UPAV – AAVAC 2018 Conference in Adelaide!

There were some real gems among all the lectures today, which was topped off with the final lecture by Dr Trent van Zanten from The Unusual Pet Vets in Karingal!
If you find yourself staring down a ferret who cant handle his glucose, Dr Trent is the man. Especially if your ferret experiencing weakness, hindlimb ataxia, reduced appetite and hypoglycaemic seizures!

The way to detecting insulinomas in ferrets is quite tricky, but measuring blood glucose, biochemistry and performing an ultrasound to examine the pancreas is a good method to work up your ferrets.

As for treating insulinomas, how do we treat them? Surgery or medicine? The best answer is both!
Combining surgical excision of pathological tissue with anti-inflammatory medications as needed such as Prednisolone, can really help your furry ferrets recover!
If you’d like to check out more about Dr Trent, or The Unusual Pet Vets, check out their website:

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